The sunset was beautiful that night. Emily said, "look at that, you should probably go down to the turn-around and make some pictures". I looked outside and agreed, it was a peaceful and dynamic sky after such a quick and violent storm littered with hail and lightening plowed unexpectedly through our lives. I drove down and tried to capture the amazing stretch of sky filled with so much weather, so much color, so much much depth. It was hard to show it the way it felt. A 5 shot panorama was all I could do to even come close. After, I realize this wasn't the most amazing wasn't the most intense wasn't the most vibrant - but it was the last sunset my brother Ethan​ would see. This was the last sky we stood under together. This was the last painting nature made for my little brother. It was the feeling that permeated that moment alone on the promenade that makes this work significant. My father always said, "take a picture with your mind it will last longer" - he was right because the feeling is impressionable but I'm glad I didn't hesitate to stand under that sky and make something memorable.